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Thanks for popping by, I'm Ben

I founded White Shadow Jewellery in 2015. I thrive on making custom pieces that are sourced ethically, using my hands to create one off statement rings, earrings and necklaces. 


My passion for creativity was evident throughout my early years growing up in the Northern Victoria, Australia. I was always drawing and sketching but struggled with how I could use these design skills to create a career into something meaningful. While labouring and feeling unfulfilled, I stumbled across a jewellery course in 2014 , quickly I was intrigued by the intricacies and skill involved in jewellery making. 


I quickly transitioned from my course into a full jewellery apprenticeship in Armadale, Melbourne and within 6 years I left with an abundance of skills and a fire in belly to start my own business. 


My style is broad and diverse, I can create traditional, elegant engagement rings or chunky, stone signet rings featuring geometric patterns, animals and nature. 


I understand my pieces are an investment, I take the uttermost care and time in each stage of the creation process. There's no better feeling than walking a customer through this process and having them completely satisfied and fulfilled with the end product. 

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